A brief explanation

I figured it was prudent to give some form of explanation of why I have been so inactive as of late in posting on this site.  Simply, I have been focusing almost all of my writing-related time and thought toward my horror novel, Dark Art, rather than any other project, including this blog.  I will still occasionally post– for example, I’m now just two books away from having read the entire bibliography of Stephen King, which will warrant a mega-post– but I don’t anticipate having any semblance of a regular update schedule until I finish this draft.  Right now just finishing my book so I can start sending it to agents and the like is at the top of my priority list.

If you enjoy my thoughts and still want a regular dose of what I have to say in short form, follow the link on the sidebar to my twitter.  If you want to read more of my fiction, go to my deviantART page.


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